the idea

Initially developed to assist sporting clubs with training in poor light, Chargeball can be used anywhere, any time to play longer, train longer and perform better. But it's just as cool for the backyard, park or beach!

The home of Chargeball was a sport precinct situated on Victoria's coastline (in Australia), on a shipping lane. Because of this position, the club was unable to erect lights on the ground as it could have been mistaken for a lighthouse and confuse passing ships.

the product

Chargeballs are hand-made and hand-stitched. The ball reacts to light, so we developed our unique Chargebag, which runs off any good quality powerpack or via USB charger. Once charged, the ball will glow for hours in a zero-light environment. However, we recommend you charge it whenever you want more glow! The more you charge, the more it will glow!